If you don't need full garden design or garden maintenance but would like to talk to someone about how your garden could be improved whether through design, planting or maintenance,  we can visit you in your own garden to give Garden Advice and talk through some ideas, covering all aspects of your garden, from design, through to planting and maintenance.   We can even produce a Calenderised Garden Maintenance plan for you.    Just give Claire a call on 087 2334631 or email Claire@willowgardendesign.ie to arrange your consultation.




It costs €90 for a one hour discussion in your own garden about your own garden for all areas of south Dublin or east Wicklow.   Such a discussion could help you talk through ideas, improve your maintenance and explore new possibilities. 


Calenderised Plant Maintenance Plan

Maybe you want to maintain your garden yourself but are not sure of the names of the plants in your garden or what to do with them and when to do it?   We can produce a Calenderised Plant Maintenance Plan for all the plants in your garden giving you their names and telling you what to do and when to do it.    Available for €195 if your garden is in Dublin and is less than 200 square metres.   For this you get a printed list of the plants in your garden telling you all their names and what garden maintenance activities are needed and when they need them.    We can load this into the great and very useful website Shoot Gardening which will provide you with a personalised garden maintenance plan for your garden, listing all your plants with a photo of each plant so that you can identify the plant and their maintenance requirements divided into monthly care activities.      Free access to your personalised plant list on Shoot Gardening and maintenance care advice for a full year is included in this price.

For more information on Shoot Gardening just click on the following link.......


Whatever you need, just give us a call us or email on claire@willowgardendesign.ie and we can discuss your requirements.