Garden Design - Planning A New Garden


Create a new Garden or Re-model your existing Garden.   

We now produce 3D models for all our Garden Design Plans.

Garden Design in Greystones
We can create a Garden Design Plan for your garden whether you want a new garden requiring low maintenance, a contemporary garden or a classic garden full of flowering plants.   

Our Garden Design Planning process develops a Garden Design Plan for your garden, taking into account all your needs and wants, likes and dislikes. We put these together with your existing garden, with all its positive and negative features resulting  in new Garden Design Plan.  This will produce a beautiful garden providing you with joy every day whether you are within it or admiring it from the window.   Garden Design Planning can save you wasted money and time in the longer term by looking at the complete picture with the added experience, knowledge and artistic abilities of a professional Garden Designer.  

Garden Design Plan

Willow Garden Design has completed Garden Design Plans for many gardens in Dublin, Wicklow and Ireland which continue to give pleasure to their owners. See our clients recommendations

The new Garden Design Plan is completed after an on-site consultation with yourself and and a survey of your existing garden.   We can then organise to build the garden for you or you can select your own landscape contractor or build it yourself.  So whether you live in Dublin, Wicklow, surrounding counties or anywhere else in Ireland we can look after you. 

The new Garden Design Plan will show the position and size of all the new

features to be built in your garden including Paving, Decking, Lawns, Flower Beds, Walls, Fences and Special Features.   All new Garden Design Plans come with documentation including, a full planting plan and complimentary Plant Maintenance Calender specifically tailored for the plants in your plan to ensure the garden garden continues to grow, look its best and give you pleasure for many years.   After the garden is completed for gardens in south Dublin or North Wicklow we can also offer an ongoing garden maintenance service.

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