Full Garden Design Prices

Type of Garden Size of Garden Full Garden Design Price
Courtyard Garden Up to 50 metre square €650
Small Garden 50m sq to 100m sq €750
Average Garden 100m sq to 250m sq €850
Large Garden 250m sq to 500m sq €995
Extra Large Garden 500m sq to 1000m sq €1,095
XXL Garden * 1000m sq to 2500m sq €1,295

Postal Garden Design Prices

Type of GardenSize of GardenFull Garden Design Price
Courtyard GardenUp to 50 metre square€495
Small Garden50m sq to 100m sq€595
Average Garden100m sq to 250m sq€695
Large Garden250m sq to 500m sq€845
Extra Large Garden500m sq to 1000m sq€945
XXL Garden 1000m sq to 2500m sq€1,145

Planting Plans Prices


Area of Planting Price
up to 10m sq €295
10m sq to 20m sq €345
20m sq to 30m sq €395
30m sq plus Prices available on request

Notes on Pricing:

Planting Plans are complementary for all Full Garden Designs for gardens up to 500m sq.    For gardens of a larger size further discussion on the client's requirements will have to be undertaken to determine the extent of the planting envisaged and associated charges.

In the case where there are two gardens to be designed for the same premises (e.g. a front and a back garden), the cost of this services is calculated as the price from the table above for the larger garden plus 50% of the price according to the table above for the smaller of the two gardens.    

Please ring or email for a quotation if the size of your garden or area to be planted is greater than that shown in the tables on this web page.

* Price may depend on the availability of a professionally produced survey of the garden and a detailed planting plan may not be included in the price.   An on site visit would be required to clarify the price.   

Prices are valid for gardens in Dublin and Wicklow.  Prices for gardens outside these areas may be subject to additional charges to cover extra travelling time and expences.   Prices are up to date as of 8th February, 2024.