Garden Planting Plan's 

Beautiful Garden Planting

A new garden or an existing garden can be greatly improved by good Garden Planting, by adding some new plants,  a new garden border or by renovating an existing garden border.   Garden Planting can often prove to be the most cost effective way of improving your garden.   At very competitive prices we can design a Planting Plan to improve your garden planting either by creating a new border or via the renovation of an existing border.    We can also, if needed, provide the plants and plant it for you too!     We have extensive knowledge of which plants are most likely to succeed in gardens in Ireland.   There are many planting styles and you can be assured that we will consult with you to ensure that you get a planting scheme which you will love.   New eco friendly planting styles can also be taken into account, including incoporating more pollinator friendly plants into your garden. 

Beautiful Planting

Confused about which Plants to Buy for your Garden?

Do you get confused when you arrive in a Garden Centre?  Is the range of plants available too vast and you just don't now what to buy ?   Have you ever compiled a list of plants you would like for your garden planting plan from a garden plant book and on arrival at the garden centre find that a lot of these plants are not available.  If you have ever encountered any of these garden planting problems we can help.   We can provide garden planting plans which you can complete yourself or if you don't have time to do the work yourself we can do it for you.


 Planting Choices and Layout


We can produce for you a  garden planting scheme for any area of your garden, either a small garden bed or a large garden border.   Either for a new garden border or to renovate an existing border.   This plan will take into account your garden planting preferences and will include a schematic of the area to be planted,  show you what you should buy and where you should plant it.  It will name all the new plants required and the quantities to buy.  The Garden Planting Plan will be created taking into account the soil type (sandy, clay etc ), acidity (acid, neutral or alkaline) and the aspect (windy, sheltered, sunny, shady, dry, wet etc)  of the area to be planted. 

Garden Planting Services


If you don't have the time to do the garden planting yourself we can plant your garden for you if you live in Dublin, Wicklow or the surrounding counties, just give us a call to discuss your garden planting.

Planting Video's

Planting Video's

You can check out our video's on planting by clicking the following links:

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