Garden Pots for Instant Impact


Adding a few Garden Pots filled with plants to your garden is a great way of instantly improving the appearance of your patio, deck or front door.     It is amazing the effect a few garden pots overflowing with flowering seasonal plants can have on your garden.  If they are carefully positioned where you can see them from a window or as you approach the house they can be appreciated all year round.    It does not matter at what time of year it is, there is always some plants available which can be put into pots and can add colour to your garden.    


If you don't have time to fill up your garden pots yourself we can re-fill your existing garden pots with new plants or we can provide you with new garden pots and fill them

with plants of your choice.  


It costs on average 18 per pot (30/40cm size) to re-fill your garden pots including fresh compost and plants.    If you have a selection of pots you don't have time to fill with summer bedding now is the time to act.   Give us a call now.



Evergreen topiary plants look great all year round when positioned in attractive pots at each side of a front door and have an instant impact to anyone approaching your house.   We can supply topiary plants of all shapes and sizes and

we can either plant them for you into your own pots or into new pots which we can provide.

Whatever style you are looking for we can provide from Contemporary through to Cottage or Mediterranean, by careful selection of both the pots and plants.